William: I take social mop!

William: I take social mop! Aurelie: 3rd year educator of young children street … with game library, came to Traces … Olivier F: Live info Brazil … Search Action on Violence. Specifics No.

2 appeared .. who wants (cheap), number 3: „the city educator” call testimony …. I still have to ariels, hardware. Reflections: the street, public space reclaims the art .. (exp Rouen.). project work in Vietnam … Afternoon Themes of the day: 1-On the DTA application: preparation before, speech and violent conflict … Answer the sector?

homework done for you
What to do and how to do: violence, rejection, … 2-Studio work: difficulties of a project, what purpose necessary? 3-Appropriating public space, take „manifest” … 4-relations culture: between the intimate and the externalized Expected end at 16h abandoned Workshop: Musical creation, research sounds …

20 ‘ theme: 1- What to do, how to deal with violence, rejection … somehow the request must come from the ground. The importance of the initial identification, adaptation to the situation, is that it meets the demands and needs? Rejection not necessarily against the person (but the system) Coming up with what we are, but not what to do. Turn the other cheek.

The importance of knowledge of the location. Importance of the location: it was public, who owns it? Give security: emotional … We must know the public space and its inhabitants.

2 Studio work: difficulties of a project, what purpose necessary? Ownership Organization, spatial planning, … it fails if it is supported by another .. What job? What salary range? Partnership.

What statuses? (Paid, volunteer) A project alive! Freedom. Initial work on the sense, the project is in a period: limited or perpetual motion (how he regenerates?) Joining the project. balance sheet importance. Workshop: device intended to accommodate the unexpected. Temporality is essential.

3-Appropriating public space, take „manifest” … Dare. Until proven otherwise, we can! The objection is not enough. No custard. In addition to the order, there is the fear fantasy … Playing together … Resistance. Even small acts! I found the works .. physical act of resistance … 4- Relations Culture: between the intimate and the externalized Brotherhood otherness in the vicinity. Consistency. Report of domination or submission? The possibilities of intimacy?

Interpretations .. the actor is working on close to power .. externalize internal and external culture … Next Meeting: May 15, 2010 in the premises of TRACES in Belleville will be discussed the economic dimension of social interventions; wear what look on compensation, the profit on volunteering? What look on production, redistribution? Update on the training intervention with ATD which has taken place; can share the tools that have been used by Catherine and Sophie. add a comment

OLPC Project and Freinet Blog perso Antoine Michelot on 09/08/09 – 5:14 p.m. I will introduce the computer XO OLPC and the SUGAR operating system and its activities, the ICEM congress. 3 comments
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What do the white areas? Are there any underwater war zones? Shana Thais Justine 2011-2012 Learn more

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10 – In year 1938-1939: The Proletarian Educator Publishing Printing at the School For Teachers review> Summary Arts> Music and Maths Teaching Techniques> tools> Movements file> Freinet movement> publication (s) teaching Techniques> printing February 1939 Authors: Bruneteau, C. Luce, Freinet, Didelot, Elise Freinet Serange F., H. Almendros, Mr. Lavieille, Marcel Fautrad Paul Vigor and Roger Lallemand In more Spanish Protests in: the International Educator Proletarian Publishing Printing at the School for teachers review Movements> Freinet movement> case St.

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11-12 In: Congress a grade> kindergarten children’s art childlike art CEL For teachers review Arts> Visual Arts> Drawing Arts> Visual Arts Arts> Poetry Arts> Performing Arts Teaching Principles> term-creation pedagogical principles> natural method June 1962 Authors: Clem Berteloot Edith Lallemand, Elise Freinet, Francine Gouzil George Delobbe J. Mounier, J.-N. Vandeputte, Vrillon Jeanne, Marie-Helene Barthot Maurice Beaugrand, Ms. Auvray, P. Beaugrand, Raymond Dufour, Th.

Yvette Vigo in February Learn more
Marjolaine Billebault on 19/04/10 – 8:45 In: Gr. BTn help manual teaching techniques> Research literature proposed a class or an adult is developed cooperatively with the participation of other classes or readers. Being reader of an article BTn project you wish to participate in the development of a product.

You have the button „mirror” that allows you to create a copy of the article with your name, where you are alone to intervene. You can: – add comment – work on the text using a different color 1) Indicate for example · the misunderstood passages · difficult phrases that could simplify · passages that seem unnecessary, · words or expressions to be explained (with proposals).

2) Propose just below the paragraph concerned · rewriting or development, · the questions that you ask, · an example, additional information that you would like to add, · a reference (title, author, edition, year of edition, page …), · your illustrations proposals (drawings or copyright-free), 3) Reformulate passages. A question, a problem, do not hesitate to contact the relay (see address on the project’s hat) Add comment
Marjolaine Billebault on 19/04/10 – 8:35 In: Gr.

BTn help manual teaching techniques> literature for its in cooperative development, a fact relay link between the author and the readers. ENSURE RELAY relational Role Now that he has the project in hand and he read, the relay performs its function. He contacts the author and speaks with him in the interest of the project and may propose replacing it in a historical context, current or past.

It seeks comrades for proofreading, trying to find readers classes or in its immediate surroundings, or through his knowledge spread over the territory. He contacts the readers classes to see if they have any questions, any comments regarding the content, style, vocabulary.